1    Study Humanities As if Your Life Depends on It

A Future for the Humanities (Inside Higher Ed)
Wisdom First, Job Skills Second (City Journal)
Can Students Handle the Big Questions? (Chronicle of Higher Education)
The Ethical Dilemma Facing Silicon Valley’s Next Generation (The Ringer)
Dear Humanists: Fear Not the Digital Revolution (Chronicle of Higher Education)
The Digital Humanities Debacle (Chronicle of Higher Education)

Further Reading
To Survive, Small Colleges Are Rethinking the Liberal Arts (Education Dive)
Twilight of the Humanities (American Conservative)
U. of Wisconsin at Stevens Point Pulls Back From Plan to Cut 6 Liberal-Arts Programs
  (Chronicle of Higher Education)

3    Education Behind Bars and Over 50

A Filmmaker Followed 12 Prisoners Through a Liberal-Arts Education. Here’s What She Learned
  (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Going Back to School at 50 (Hechinger Report)

4    Dramas in Diversity

Colleges Face a Barrage of Questions About How Much They Pay Diversity Officers
  (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Yale Professors’ Protest Casts Doubt on a Big Faculty-Diversity Initiative (Chronicle of Higher Education)
At Yale, ‘Diversity’ Means More of the Same (Wall Street Journal)
A Mole Hunt for Diversity ‘Bias’ at Villanova (Wall Street Journal)
Can a New Law Protect Intellectual Diversity on Campus? (Martin Center)

Further Reading
A Religion of Activism (First Things)
America’s Original Identity Politics (NY Review of Books)
Taking a Closer Look at Diversity on College Campuses (Public Discourse)
The Path Across America’s Divide Starts at Its Colleges (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Surge in Ivy League Anti-Trump Courses, ‘Imminent Apocalypse,’ ‘Fascism’ (Washington Examiner)
Journal Issues Revised Version of Controversial Paper That Questioned Why Some
  Teens Identify as Transgender
(Chronicle of Higher Education)
The Scandalous Academy: Social Science in Service of Identity Politics (Public Discourse)
Taking a Closer Look at Diversity on College Campuses (Public Discourse)
Probing the ‘White People’ Rant That Roiled Columbia (The Atlantic)
Two Famous Academics, 3,000 Fans, $1,500 Tickets (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Battle of the Titans - A debate between Jordan Peterson and Slavoj Žižek in Toronto (City Journal)
A Religion of Activism (First Things)
America’s Original Identity Politics (NY Review of Books)
The Scandalous Academy: Social Science in Service of Identity Politics (The Public Discourse)
Listening at the Great Awokening (Aero Magazine)
Caveat Magister: Even Medical Professors Must Not Say Politically Incorrect Things (Martin Center)
The Finalist List of One (Academe)
How Nine Universities Pander to Campus Radicals (Minding the Campus)
Is this ‘Common’ Language? (Commonweal)
Controversial Speaker, His Event Canceled by Middlebury College, Finds an Audience in a Campus Seminar
  (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Cowardice and Courage at Middlebury (Wall Street Journal)
Ivy Leaguers With Guns, Then and Now (Wall Street Journal)

7    Why Philanthropy Isn’t Reducing College Costs

Giving to Colleges Rises 5%, With Harvard and Stanford Raising the Most (Chronicle of Higher Education)
George Mason University’s Donor Problem and the Fight for Transparency
  (American Association of University Professors)

Further Reading
Largest Private Gifts to Higher Education in 2018 (Chronicle of Higher Education)

9    “Operation Varsity Blues”: Largest-ever College Admissions Scandal

FBI Accuses Wealthy Parents, Including Celebrities, in College-Entrance Bribery Scheme (Washington Post)
8 Universities. Millions in Bribes. 10 Corrupt Coaches. What You Need to Know About the
  Admissions-Bribery Scandal.
(Chronicle of Higher Education)
The Yale Dad Who Set Off the College-Admissions Scandal (Wall Street Journal)
‘Pied Piper’ of College Admissions Scam Had All the Answers (New York Times)
Who Was Acing Tests For Rich Kids in the Admissions Scam? A Pro Tennis Player and ‘Really Smart Guy,’
  Feds Say.
(Washington Post)
Felicity Huffman, 12 Other Parents to Plead Guilty in College Admissions Scandal (Washington Post)
Lori Loughlin and Several Other Accused Parents Plead Not Guilty in College Admissions Case
  (Washington Post)

Further Reading
Federal Prosecutors Charge Dozens in College Admissions Cheating Scheme (Wall Street Journal)
From ‘Master Coach’ to a Bribery Probe: A College Consultant Who Went Off the Rails (Washington Post)
A History of College Admissions Schemes, From Encoded Pencils to Paid Stand-Ins (New York Times)
The Tip, the Yale Coach and the Wire: How the College Admissions Scam Unraveled (Wall Street Journal)
At the Core of College Admissions Case: When Is Cheating a Crime? (Wall Street Journal)
Key Ingredient in College-Admissions Scheme: A Harvard-Graduate Test Whiz (Wall Street Journal)
College Officials Were Charged in the Admissions-Bribery Scheme. Now Their Campuses Are Cutting Ties.
  (Chronicle of Higher Education)
The Legitimate World of High-End College Admissions (Wall Street Journal)
Yale Was Subpoenaed in November Related to Admissions-Cheating Scandal (Wall Street Journal)
Prosecutors Net 14 Guilty Plea Agreements in College-Cheat Probe (Wall Street Journal)
Sixteen Parents Indicted in College Admissions Scandal (Wall Street Journal)
The Inside Track to Elite Colleges: Not Just White and Wealthy (National Review)
Lori Loughlin and 15 Other Parents Face Additional Charges in College Admissions Scandal (Washington Post)
Lori Loughlin, Felicity Huffman Appear in Court for College-Admissions Case (Wall Street Journal)
Prominent Lawyer to Plead Guilty in College-Admissions Scandal (Wall Street Journal)
Parents Accused in College-Admissions Scandal Appear in Federal Court (Wall Street Journal)
Plea Talks Advance in College Scandal Ahead of Court Date (Wall Street Journal)
College Admissions Scandal Relied on More Students Using SAT Accommodation (Wall Street Journal)
He Had the Magic Elixir’: How the College Cheating Scandal Spread (Wall Street Journal)

10    Admissions Scandal Ricochets Around the Halls of Academe

On Campus, the Fallout From the College Admissions Scandal (Wall Street Journal)
College-Admission Scandal Draws Scrutiny in Washington (Wall Street Journal)
The College Admissions Scandal Should Prompt Broader Soul-Searching (Washington Post)
So You Don’t Think Affirmative Action in College Admissions Is Still Necessary? This Scandal Shows It Is.
  (Washington Post)
Is the College Cheating Scandal the ‘Final Straw’ for Standardized Tests? (New York Times)

Further Reading 
DeVos: College Cheating Scandal Shows ‘Things Are Just Not Fair’ in Education (Education Week)
‘What Does It Take?’: Admissions Scandal Is a Harsh Lesson in Racial Disparities (New York Times)
College Admissions: Vulnerable, Exploitable, and to Many Americans, Broken (New York Times)
The Moral Wages of the Admissions Mania (New York Times)
Elite Colleges Don’t Understand Which Business They’re In (The Atlantic)
Unmasking the College-Admissions Fraud (City Journal)
The College Admissions Scam Reveals a Truth About Our Self-Perpetuating Elites (Washington Post)
The College Bribery Scandal Is All About a Myth (Washington Post)
The Real Victims of the College Admissions Scams Are People with Disabilities (Washington Post)
The College Admissions Scandal Isn’t Fair. Nothing About Our Social Mobility System Is. (Washington Post)
‘So Disheartening’: At Colleges Embroiled in Scandal, a Sense of Outrage and Sadness (New York Times)
How Much Does Getting Into an Elite College Actually Matter? (New York Times)
How Parents Are Robbing Their Children of Adulthood (New York Times)
Wait, How Did You Get Into College? (New York Times)
Reflections on the College Scandal (New York Times)
‘I Put My Work In’: Honest Applicants Await College Admissions Results (New York Times)
The Scandals of Meritocracy (New York Times)
The Admissions Case Highlights Anxiety About Getting Into the Right College (Wall Street Journal)
Kids, Don’t Become Success Robots (Wall Street Journal)
An Idiot’s Guide to Bribing and Cheating Your Way Into College (Wall Street Journal)
The College Admissions Racket (Wall Street Journal)
Unmasking the College-Admissions Fraud (City Journal)
Bribery Scandal Reveals ‘Weak Spots’ in the Admissions System. Don’t Look So Shocked.
  (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Why the College-Admissions Scandal Is So Absurd (The Atlantic)
Kids Are the Victims of the Elite-College Obsession (The Atlantic)

12    Scandal Spotlight Shifts to Students, Grads, Other Parents, and Policy

Here’s Why Some Silicon Valley Families Should Remain Nervous About the College (Recode)
Colleges in Admissions Scandal Zero In on What Students Knew (Wall Street Journal)
Students, Graduates May Be Next Targets of College-Admissions Scandal Investigation (Wall Street Journal)
Lawsuit Alleges Universities Connected to Bribery and Cheating Scandal Failed to Give Honest
  Applicants a Fair Review
(Washington Post)

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There’s a Larger Lie Beyond the College Admissions Bribery Case (Time)
We Asked 20 Elite-College Admissions Deans About the Bribery Scandal. Here’s What They Said.
  (Chronicle of Higher Education)
We’ve Been Here Before: Colleges Haven’t Learned From Admissions Fraud (Washington Post)
Here’s How to Fix the College Admissions System. Warning: You Might Hate This (Washington Post)
Two Parents in College-Admissions Scheme Indicted on New Charge (Wall Street Journal)

13   Phony Athletic Credentials, Fake Photos, Bribes, and Exploding Shoes: College Sports

From High School Basketball Coach to Ringleader of the Nation’s Largest College-Admissions Scam
  (Wall Street Journal)
The Man Behind the Alleged $25 Million College-Admissions Cheating Scandal (Wall Street Journal)
Judge Rules Against NCAA in Federal Antitrust Lawsuit (Wall Street Journal) 
A Star’s Shoe Breaks, Putting College Basketball Under a Microscope (The New York Times)
College Basketball’s Murky Swamp of Misbehavior (Washington Post)
Judge Opens the Door to Additional Compensation for College Athletes (The New York Times)

Further Reading
At Yale, a Once Respected Soccer Coach Becomes an Enigma (New York Times)
‘Three Spots’: Alleged Bribery of Tennis Coach Stings Georgetown Admissions (Washington Post)
College Sports Are Affirmative Action for Rich White Students (The Atlantic)
The N.C.A.A. Lost in Court, but Athletes Didn’t Win, Either (The New York Times)
Paying Students to Play Would Ruin College Sports (The New York Times)
He Bought the Fencing Coach’s House. Then His Son Got into Harvard (Boston Globe)
Harvard Will Train Coaches on Conflicts of Interest after Home Sale (Boston Globe)
Harvard Investigates Report That Fencing Coach Benefited From Home Sale Involving Applicant’s Father
(Chronicle of Higher Education)
College Admissions Scandal Parents Used Black Male Athletes to Make Space for Their Kids (Washington Post)
Should College Athletes Be Paid (The New York Times)
Why Telling the NCAA to Pay Players Is the Wrong Way to Help College Athletes (Time)
The College Admissions Scandal Is Yet More Evidence of Collegiate Sports' Inequality Problem (Time) 
As next college basketball corruption trial begins, it’s time to ask: Is this worth it? (Washington Post)

14    Where Are the Foreign Students?

How International Education’s Golden Age Lost Its Sheen (Chronicle of Higher Education)
US Department of State endorses education agencies (The Pie News)
What's in a Name? For Yale in Singapore, a Whole Lot (Chronicle of Higher Education)
International recruitment—Are education agents welcome? (University World News)

15     The Never-Ending Debate Over Affirmative Action in Admissions

‘What Does It Take?’: Admissions Scandal Is a Harsh Lesson in Racial Disparities (New York Times)
Equity: Everything and the Kitchen Sink (Lumina Foundation)
What Do Americans Think About Affirmative Action? It Depends on How You Ask
  (Chronicle of Higher Education)
U.S. Requires Texas Tech Med School to End Use of Race in Admissions Decisions (Wall Street Journal)

Further Reading
After an Education Dept. Investigation, a Medical School Will Stop Considering Race in Admissions
  (Chronicle of Higher Education)
As the Harvard Admissions Case Nears a Decision, Hear From 2 Asian-American Students on Opposite Sides   

16     Unions Work

In Urging Faculty Not to Unionize, Marquette Cites Catholic Identity (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Rutgers Faculty Vote to Authorize Strike (AFT)
Grads Strike: Because Billions for Buildings but Nothing for Teaching Doesn’t Add Up

Further Reading
Grad Students at Private Colleges Were Cleared to Unionize 3 Years Ago. Here’s What’s Changed.
(Chronicle of Higher Education)

17     True and False: Getting Into College Is Hard

Elite Colleges’ Acceptance Rates Continue to Drop (Education Dive)
Many Top Colleges Report Record-Low Acceptance Rates (Wall Street Journal)
College-Admissions Hysteria Is Not the Norm (The Atlantic)

Further Reading
Getting Into Harvard Is Hard. Here Are 4 Ways Applicants Get an Edge (New York Times)
Liberal Hypocrisy in College Admissions? (New York Times)
Knowing the 13 Secret Steps into Harvard Doesn’t Make Admission Any Easier (Wall Street Journal)

18    Chinese Hackers Pose Security Threat to Universities 

Chinese Hackers Target Universities in Pursuit of Maritime Military Secrets (Wall Street Journal)
Confucius Institutes Must Be Transparent or Close—US Senate (University World News)
2 Reports Highlight Concerns Over Confucius Institutes’ Influence (Education Dive)
Top U.S. Universities Shun Cash From Huawei Under Trump Pressure (Bloomberg)
Chinese Science Students in Us Mulling Their Options (University World News)

Further Reading
Chinese Hackers Reportedly Targeted 27 Universities for Military Secrets (The Verge)
Hackers Broke Into Admissions Databases at 3 Colleges — and Then Offered to Sell Applicants Their Files   
  (Chronicle of Higher Education)

19    Addressing the Mental Health Crisis

The Well-Meaning Bad Ideas Spoiling a Generation (Nautilus)
Reading, Writing, and Resilience (Chronicle of Higher Education)

Further Reading
Gen Z Takeover: How Colleges Are Using Gamification to Engage Students (Education Dive)

20    A Private Police Force for Johns Hopkins

Maryland Lawmakers Approve Armed Police Force at Johns Hopkins (Wall Street Journal)
As Johns Hopkins Asks for Its Own Police, Residents React With Suspicion (Chronicle of Higher Education)

21    Frat Houses: Boys Should No Longer Be Boys

From Boys to Men? A Review of Alexandra Robbins’ ‘Fraternity’ (James G Martin Center)

Further Reading 
The New ‘In Loco Parentis’ (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Do Frats Get a Bad Rap? (Chronicle of Higher Education) 

22     The Race Factor

‘What Does It Take?’: Admissions Scandal Is a Harsh Lesson in Racial Disparities (New York Times)
The Student-Debt Crisis Hits Hardest at Historically Black Colleges (Wall Street Journal)
U.S. Senate Approves Measures to Help HBCUs (Philly Tribune)

Further Reading
Georgetown Students Vote in Favor of Reparations for Enslaved People (Washington Post)

23     Trump’s Edict on Campus Free Speech Satisfies Neither Right nor Left

Trump Orders Colleges to Back Free Speech or Lose Funding (AP)
A First Step Toward Restoring Free Speech on Campus (Wall Street Journal)
Zimmer Counters Trump on Campus Free Speech (Chicago Business) 
President Trump’s Campus Speech Order (CATO at Liberty)
President Trump Issues Executive Order on Campus Free Speech (American Council on Education)

Further Reading
Why Trump Is Justified in Suggesting an Executive Order on Campus Free Speech (Forbes)
Collegiate Free Speech and the Federal Government (Independent)
Zimmer Rebukes Trump’s Proposed Free Speech Order (Chicago Maroon)
Trump and the College Sensors (Wall Street Journal)
If There is a Free-Speech ‘Crisis’ on Campus, PEN America Says, Lawmakers are Making it Worse
  (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Legal Scholars Don’t Know the Details of Trump’s Order on Campus Speech. But They Think It’s a Mistake.
  (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Questions Abound After Trump Threatens to Strip Funding from Colleges That Don’t Support Free Speech   
  (Washington Post)
An Executive Order on Campus Free Speech (National Review)
Florida Defends Intellectual Freedom on Campus (NAS)

24     Taking Free Speech to the Courts

For a Dissatisfied Public, Colleges’ Internal Affairs Become Fair Game (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Free Speech and Intellectual Diversity in South Dakota (National Association of Scholars)
Appeals Court Rules Public Universities Can Fire Faculty if Their Style of Teaching Offends Students
  (College Fix)
What Is College Administrators’ Role in Protecting Free Speech on Campus? (Education Dive)
Students’ Ban of Conservative Group Prompts Outrage. But It’s Unenforceable, University Says.
  (Chronicle of Higher Education) 

Further Reading
Chasm in the Classroom: Campus Free Speech in a Divided America (PEN America)
Protecting College Students from Uncomfortable Ideas, Review of The Coddling of the American Mind:
  How Good Intentions and Bad Ideas are Setting Up a Generation for Failure by Jonathan Haidt
  and Greg Lukianoff  
(Education Next)
How a Dispute Over the N-word Became a Dispiriting Force (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Probing the ‘White People’ Rant that Railed Columbia (Atlantic)
35 Universities Adopt “The Chicago Statement” On Free Speech—1,606 To Go (Forbes)
The Real Problem with Trigger Warnings (Atlantic)

25     California Legislators Propose More Checks and Balances in Admissions

California Legislators Propose College Admissions Reform (Education Dive)
California Lawmakers Propose Reforms in Admissions Process. Other StatesCould Follow
(Chronicle of Higher Education)
3 Steps All Colleges Should Take After the Admissions Scandal (Education Dive)

Further Reading
What Levels of Racial Diversity Can Be Achieved with Socioeconomic‐BasedAffirmative Action? Evidence from a
  Simulation Model
(Online Library)
College Admissions Cheating Scandal Prompts California Reform Package (San Francisco Chronicle)
California Lawmakers Look to Reform College Admissions After Scandal (Wall Street Journal)

26    The End of Brick and Mortar?

The Rise of the Mega-University (Chronicle of Higher Education)
A Vision of the Future of Higher Education: A Conversation with Harvard University President Larry Bacow
  (American Enterprise Institute)
US higher education crisis: lessons from the Chicago schools (Finanical Times)
Former University President Nails Many of Higher Education’s Ills (James Martin Center)

Further Reading
Radically Transforming the Nation: Our Politicized Schools of Education (James Martin Center)
The Trends Report 2019 (Chronicle of Higher Education)
54 Networks Bid to Join European Universities Pilot (University World News)

27    Public and Private Lines Are Blurring

Outsourcing is Growing at Most Campuses, College Leaders Say (Education Dive)
Purdue Global Nixes Student Arbitration Agreement (Inside Higher Education)

Further Reading
Why a Plagiarism-Detection Company Is Now a Billion-Dollar Business (Chronicle of Higher Education)

28    Higher Ed Act Grinds On 

Here’s What the Trump Administration Wants to Change in Higher Ed’s Landmark Law
  (Chronicle of Higher Education) 
An agenda for higher education reform: Remarks by Senate HELP Committee Chairman
  Lamar Alexander (R-TN)
(American Enterprise Institute)

Further Reading
Tennessee Sen. Lamar Alexander will not seek re-election in 2020 (USA Today)

29    Trump Budget Slashes Ed Department

Education on the Chopping Block: Trump Proposes $7 Billion Cut (American Federation of Teachers)
DeVos Says Trump Budget Means 'Freedom' in Education; Democrats Call It 'Cruel'  (Education Week) 
Is Trump trying to Change too Much too Quickly in HE? (University World News)
Trump Seeks 10 Percent Cut to Education Department Aid, $5 Billion for Tax-Credit Scholarships
  (Education Week)
Here’s What Trump’s 2020 Budget Proposal Means for Higher Ed (Chronicle of Higher Education)

Further Reading
Loan Caps, Accreditation Overhaul Among Trump's Goals for Higher Education Act (Education Dive) 
The Higher Education Act must protect free speech (The Hill)
Free to Speak: Reforming the Higher Education Act (NAS)

30    Are We Dreaming?

Senators Introduce Bill to Protect Dreamers (American Council on Education)
House Democrats Renew Effort to Protect Dreamers (American Council on Education)

31    “Free College” All the Rage Among Democratic Hopefuls

The Atlantic Daily: Moonshot Feb 26 (The Atlantic)
The Cruel Irony of ‘Free’ College Promises (The New York Times)
Presidential Hopefuls Are Pushing Free College Back Into the Spotlight. But What Does ‘Free’ Mean, Anyway?   
  (Chronicle of Higher Education)

Further Reading
Free to Speak: Reforming the Higher Education Act (NAS)
Warren’s Free-College Plan Would Cancel Student Debt for Millions (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Sen. Elizabeth Warren introduces $1.2 trillion plan to tackle student debt (Washington Post)
Elizabeth Warren Wants College to Be Free (The Atlantic)
Warren’s Student-Debt Deal Would Most Benefit Stronger Earners, Study Finds (Wall Street Journal)
Warren’s Free College Time Machine (Wall Street Journal)
States Tempt College Graduates With Student-Loan Payoffs (Wall Street Journal)

32    Student Debt At All-Time High

Examining the Cost of College and Ways to Bolster Completion (Committee on Education & Labor Republicans)
Going to College Should Not Be a Financial Albatross (New York Times)
Is This the Way to Curb Student Loan Defaults? (Washington Post)
This Court Ruling Could Have Big Implications for Public-Service Loan Forgiveness (Washington Post)